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Jose M. Herrou Aragon has dedicated his life to the study and perfecting parapsychological science, and also to research about religions and ancient myths, including also the alchemy. Its impressive discoveries has been published in his books. He is considered worldwide as one of the most active and experienced researchers on Parapsychology, Gnosis and Alchemy.

He was president of the Universal Mutation Inc., based in New York, U.S. corporation dedicated to parapsychological research and advanced parapsychology from 1986 until 1994.

He wrote the best-selling books in America and Europe about the use of innovative parapsychological techniques: "Telecomando Sexual, Ataque Psíquico y otras técnicas parapsicológicas", and "Trabajos Parapsicológicos Infalibles para obtener amor, poder y dinero. Also, his theological thoughts are revealed in his books "La Religión Prohibida" and "Gnosis y Alquimia".

Given the importance of his discoveries, some of his books have been translated and published in English. This is the particular case of "The Forbidden Parapsychology" and "The Forbidden Religion" ("La Religión Prohibida").

Recently, the professor has published his complete works in two volumes under the titles "La Parapsicología Prohibida" and "La Gnosis Prohibida".